Supporters and friends that got us rolling

A project such as the one that has been undertaken by Citadel Canine Society could never get off the ground without the support of many individuals who know the power of a dog in a person’s life, or who support our new generation of veterans, or who support therapy dogs in general. The following is a list of those individuals who have helped get Citadel Canine to the position it is in to this point. Our sincere appreciation cannot be overstated.

Sean Adriaanzen
Jordy Anderson
Sunny Andjic
Janine Anselmo
Karen Angus
Colin Beattie
Glenn Beaulieu
Aaron Bedard
Shelagh Begg
Russ Bricker
Devin Carson
Dr. James Carson
Dan Cassan
Ky Co
Linda Cooper
Medric Cousineau
Barry Davidson
Bill Diamond
David Dube
Paul Farrugia
Matt Gaglione



Heather & Jim Garrison
Anique Groot
Joan Halvorsen
Ted Hawthorne
Kathy & Bob Hulbert
Eileen Hunt
Wayne Jasper
Brittany Lambert
Heather Logan
Maureen Lord
Donna Luchak
Pat May
Marianne McCollum
Vicki McDonald
David MacLeod
Stu and Diana Millar
Diana Miller
Mona Mirzaie
Jim Newton
Edward Odishaw
Bryan Panchuk

Cathy Paradis
Paul Philcox
Phil Quesnelle
Theresa Ramsay
Robert Reitveld
Chris Reynolds
Jim & Holly Scott
Sharon Secord
Negin Seif
Cassie Smith
Judy Snow
Anne-Marie Stewart
Christina Succurro
Geri Tiller
Cathie Timascheff
Erin Turton
Christine Yurinaka
Donna Watts
Diane & Fred White
Brett Wilson